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Lornamead Company Profile

Lornamead, Inc. is a recognized global leader in the personal care industry.

Lornamead's proven business model focuses on developing the full global potential of brands. Today Lornamead markets and sells more than 35 well known and trusted personal care brands that are enjoyed by millions of consumers around the world every day. This success has been built by understanding the needs of our customers, and operating on a clearly defined set of values.

In North and South America, Lornamead is best known for the Finesse® and Aqua Net® brands of hair care products, Yardley London® luxury bath products, and most recently, the popular European lip balm, LypSyl®.

Lornamead, Inc. headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, is one of five subsidiary companies of the U.K. based Lornamead Group Limited (LGL), which boasts a presence in over 60 countries around the world.

Our business model is based on developing the full potential of brands.

We will focus on each brand’s core strengths and make them more relevant to today’s consumer.

Then, expand distribution of the brand across Lornamead’s global operating platforms, while engaging and sharing the rewards of this success with retailers, business partners, and employees.

Our Business Strategy

The strategy of Lornamead, Inc. is to build a significant personal care portfolio by acquiring and building brands with rich consumer heritage in the hair care, skin care, oral care and bath luxury categories. With our expertise in brand acquisition, marketing, and new product development, Lornamead adds value to brands by revitalizing well-known and trusted names, and expanding their distribution to global markets.

Acquire, revitalize, expand. 

  • Acquire well-known and trusted brands that enjoy high awareness, help consumers look and feel their best, and deliver superior product benefits and performance.
  • Revitalize the brand by identifying the Core Brand Equity, then making it relevant to today’s consumer, and innovating with new products and creative merchandising.
  • Expand global distribution within existing and adjacent markets, and by introducing brands to new markets.

Our History

Family-held Lornamead was founded in 1978 as a marketing partner to multi-national companies seeking to implement sales and marketing strategies in Africa. Over the next two decades the firm continued it's rapid expansion by focusing on organic growth through development of its key brands, and expanding distribution in Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

More Recently

Lornamead has entered the North and South American markets where it  continues to pursue a strategy of acquiring and building high quality personal care brands.

With a portfolio of 36 established brands, Lornamead has a presence in over 60 countries worldwide. The North and South America offices of Lornamead, based in Stamford, Connecticut, represent approximately one half of the firm’s global business, including the Finesse® and Aqua Net® brands of hair care products; the Yardley London® and Woods of Windsor® luxury bath products; and the premier European lip balm, LypSyl®.

Partnership is at the very heart of our business. We work together with customers, suppliers, licensees and distributors to deliver proven products and superior service for the benefit of all.

Honesty goes much further than adherence to professional standards; it is about openness and prudent judgement. It means being trustworthy and straightforward in all our working relationships.

Responsiveness is a quality which is truly reflected in everything we do and everything we sell. We never take our focus off our customers and are versatile enough to respond to their ever changing needs. Every one and every market is different and our culture reflects these sensitivities.

We recognize we are interdependent with our customers and our consumers and that our long term success relies on the quality of our relationships at all levels. As a family business, we provide a supportive environment for our customers and suppliers. We work hard to ensure that these relationships are maintained to the benefit of all concerned.

The nature of our business is fundamentally one of innovation and inspiration; exploring new avenues of opportunity, getting the best from ourselves and out customers. We are committed to developing new ways to reach our customers and meet their changing needs.

The success of our business is driven by the passion our employees bring to their work in research, marketing, technology, sales, and manufacturing.




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